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Forty Fathers is shining light on the institution of fatherhood.  The book is designed to help us better understand the transmission of beliefs, values, expectations, attitudes and behaviours between generations of fathers, and act as a source of inspiration to fathers.

I conducted interviews with a diverse sample of forty men from across Canada who shared their experiences of being a son, and of being a father.  These narratives provide the basis for the book, complemented by my photographs of fathers and their children. Some of the well-known fathers included in the book are Justin Trudeau, Bret Hart, Rick Hansen, Alan Doyle, Lawrence Hill, Kevin Newman and Robert Bateman.  

This initiative has been my great joy, as it combined my photography, writing and interviewing skills with my interest in psychology, sociology and the well-being of children and families.  My hope is that any man reading the book will find himself reflected somewhere in its pages, and that this will lead to greater happiness and life satisfaction.  It's a great read for women too, many of whom have told me it has helped them to better understand the men in their lives.

The book is published by Douglas and McIntyre.  Here's the description in their 2019 Fall Catalogue:

And here's some of the press the book has received...

The Forty Fathers